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  • Simple NoSQL (resolved...I think)

    For all you avid readers who have been waiting with bated breath (I'm sure there are at least 2 of you on the planet): I found a resolution to my recent post about NoSQL options under Common Lisp . The project I was looking for seems to be Rucksack . I completely dismissed it at first, because the...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 12-07-2010
  • Simple NoSQL

    I'm nibbling around the edges of kicking off a new project. Still doing the research and due diligence parts, but it's starting to solidify enough that I'm more or less down to picking out specific tools to at least start actually planning (how much planning winds up happening up front depends...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 12-05-2010
  • Linq to SQL with multiple databases

    I think I've mentioned that I'm working on a project that dips its fingers into databases all over the place. Its main goal is to eliminate all the systems we have around that are also doing this. If it has to be done at all (and, really, it does), it should only happen once. One of the biggest...
    Posted to Not Necessarily Dot Net (Weblog) by JamesAshley on 06-18-2008
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