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  • Slides from my Enterprise Search talk at Tulsa TechFest 2009

    I had a great time speaking again at Tulsa TechFest 2009.  I gave my intro talk on Enterprise Search again, but this time I updated it to talk about features upcoming in SharePoint 2010.  My slides are attached at the bottom of this post.  I always really enjoy TechFest and getting the...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 11-09-2009
  • Speaking at Tulsa TechFest 2009

    @SPKyle let work get in the way of his speaking gig, so I get to fill his spot this year. :-)  I’m going to be giving my intro talk on Enterprise Search.  This is a good talk for anyone that isn’t very familiar with what Enterprise Search can do for their organization.  It’s also good...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 11-02-2009
  • Where’s my SSP!? Introducing the SharePoint Services Architecture

    Shared Services Provider.  Gone!  The concept of the SSP is no more.  It has been replaced with a new concept called the Services Architecture.  Your SharePoint installation will not have a separate SSP site like you had in the past.  You now manage all of your familiar services...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 11-02-2009
  • Turning on the Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2010

    The developer dashboard is a great new feature that developers can use to aid them in tuning performance on a page.  This new functionality adds information to the bottom of any page in SharePoint that displays performance information and what SQL queries were executed to display the page. ...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 10-30-2009
  • Quick overview of Master Pages in SharePoint 2010

    SharePoint 2010 brings a few new master pages that you may want to know about.  There are additional master pages to accommodate both the old and new versions of UI.  There are also some simplified pages to take note in. The first master page we will talk about is v4.master .  This is...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 10-30-2009
  • Solution Dependencies in SharePoint 2010

    With MOSS 2007, I often got asked what order do I install these solution packages in.  Oftentimes, it was critical that they get installed in a particular order.  With features, we have had the ability to set dependencies, but we really didn’t have anything like that for solution packages. ...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 10-28-2009
  • Keyword Syntax Additions in SP2010 Enterprise Search (Yes, even Wildcards!)

    I attended numerous Search sessions at SPC09 and one thing that I was excited to see is there have been a few improvements in the keyword syntax that will pretty much eliminate the need to use Full Text SQL queries any longer.  In fact, the impression I got from my last search session is that Full...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 10-27-2009
  • Metadata Inheritance in SharePoint 2010

    One new ECM feature that not too many people have talked about is the concept of default values for site columns.  It turns out that you can use default values to do metadata inheritance.  The way it works is that if you have a custom content types for your folder and child items, you can set...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 10-26-2009
  • What’s new in Services on Server in SP2010

    Curious to know what the Services on Server page looks like now?  Well, then this is the post for you.  Instead of just having the 6 or so services that you had in MOSS 2007, there are many more services listed on the Services on Server page.  Here is what your list might look like (pending...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 10-22-2009
  • New Events in SharePoint 2010

    Microsoft really answered the call of developers by adding several new events that developers had been wanting in MOSS 2007.  Event better, Visual Studio 2010 really makes it easy by using the new Add Event Receiver wizard.  It provides an interface with all of the possible things you might...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 10-22-2009
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