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  • How to: Use the MOSS Enterprise Search FullTextSqlQuery Class

    A while back, I posted a how to on using the KeywordQuery class and it seemed to get pretty good response, so I figured I would post a follow up on how to use the FullTextSqlQuery class today. It's actually pretty similar to using the KeywordQuery class but of course the syntax is different. I am...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 03-06-2008
  • How to: Create a Scope Display Group using the API

    Yesterday, I talked about an issue with the SearchBox Web Part resulting from not having the Scope Display Group it used defined on my site collection. I mentioned, the best way to fix this was to have your feature create the scope display group for you, so here is how its done. To accomplish this, you...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 02-29-2008
  • Help! My SearchBox Web Part won't Submit

    I have caused this to happen a number of times and the answer isn't obvious at first, so I thought I would post on it and explain what causes it and how to fix it. The behavior usually occurs for me when I am deploying a SearchBoxEx web part via a feature using an elements.xml file. What you will...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 02-28-2008
  • Speaking at Tulsa SharePoint Developer's User Group

    I'll be giving my talk on Searching Business Data with MOSS Enterprise Search at the Tulsa SharePoint Developer's User Group on March 10th. This is the same presentation I gave at TechFest, but I have updated it some and will likely also cover indexing other sources as well as documents. It's...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 02-26-2008
  • How to: Delete Crawled Properties

    This unfortunately is not as simple as it should be. Out of the box, there is not an option to delete a single crawled property. I sort of understand the reason behind this, but when developing its very easy to get your crawled properties filled with a bunch of garbage as you are trying things out. It...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 02-26-2008
  • How to: Use the MOSS Enterprise Search KeywordQuery class

    I don't think there are enough complete examples on using the KeywordQuery class out there, so I am posting this today to help out. The example in the SDK is close, but not quite enough. The KeywordQuery class is used to execute a keyword syntax query against MOSS Enterprise Search. There is also...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 02-19-2008
  • Changing the Maxmium File Size in your Enterprise Search Index

    In MOSS Enterprise Search, the maxium size of a file that it will index is 16 MB. This is probably not an issue for most people, but some organizations do have large PDFs, PowerPoints, etc. This is becoming a little more common knowledge, but I thought I would post it to make more people aware of it...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 02-08-2008
  • Things users complain about with Enteprise Search

    MOSS Enterprise Search has proven to be a great tool for allowing users to search Line of Business systems and documents at the same time. Out of the box, the Search Center provides some great looking search resuts. However I keep hearing the same two things about it. SearchStats Web Part does not display...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 02-01-2008
  • Adding a Default Action to a Business Data Catalog Entity

    I tend to write the most about things that I am currently working with. Today I have been working with the Business Data Catalog (BDC) again and I thought I might point out how to configure a default action because it isn't very well documented. A default action is the URL, that will be used when...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by CoreyRoth on 01-29-2008
  • Enterprise Search Error

    The other day, I was tweaking the display of my CoreResultsWebPart and after I made some changes and redeployed my search feature, when I executed a search, I got the following error. Your search cannot be completed because of a service error. Try your search again or contact your administrator for more...
    Posted to Corey Roth [MVP] (Weblog) by Anonymous on 11-14-2007
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