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Kyle Kelin on .Net

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Two good friends of mine recently made a big splash at Mix this year and I thought I would mention them here. Nik (@nikmd23) and Anthony (@anthony_vdh) both work for Infusion decided to start a project in their own time that is a debugging tool for ASP.NET MVC projects which shows you what is executed on the server during a request and response. The really cool part is they unveiled it at MIX during an open source showcase and Scott Hanselman and Phil Haack saw it and loved it. Nik and Anthony got to demo it to Phil and Scott personally and Scott then worked it into his talk that day. They are now up to 2,000 downloads and counting. The buzz in the community for them has been fantastic.

Check out Glimpse here:

Also see Scott’s post about it here which has more details then what I had time to write here:

So happy for the attention these guys are getting. It couldn’t happen to two nicer, more passionate developers.


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