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Kyle Kelin on .Net

Using Extension Methods to Make SharePoint More Palatable

On my current project I have been using a lot of extension methods to hide things I don't like about the SharePoint API. For one I hate that the only way to determine if something is in a list, web, or group is by trying to access the item and then catch the exception. Yuck. Here is an extension method I wrote to test if a group exists in a site or not.


public static bool Contains(this SPGroupCollection groups, string groupName)




SPGroup group = groups[groupName];

return true;


catch (Exception)



return false;




And here is how I use the extension method.


if (!committeesRootWeb.SiteGroups.Contains(groupName))


committeesRootWeb.SiteGroups.Add(groupName, member, user, groupName);



For a little more info check out this post:


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