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Infusion's Falcon Eye for Surface goes to the Superbowl

This came through internally on Friday from fellow Infusionite Kartik Subramani. Congrats to everyone involved!

About three weeks ago, Infusion was asked to produce a demo of a security application for managing security at SuperBowl XLIII in Tampa Bay this Sunday.  Although originally intended as a demo to gain some press for both Infusion and E-Sponder (the solution that Tampa Police uses in their day to day operations), it was such a hit, that the Incident Commander requested that it be brought into the Joint Operation Center, where every security organization from the local police to the [deleted in case this would get anyone in trouble.] were gathered to monitor the event.  The app allowed for real time visualization of incidents as they were reported to 911 and filed by police officers.  While I was down there, everything from loose dogs and lost children, to grand theft auto and bomb sweeps were showing up on the map.  In addition to having all that information at his fingertips, the Incident Commander was also able to listen to and speak out on to their various radio networks from the Surface [unit].

You can read full details at the following links:

There were film crews from NBC and CBS filming the Incident Commander using the application.  I believe the NBC clip was to air this morning [Friday, Jan 30] on the Today Show, or the morning news, but I'm not sure when the CBS clip is going to air.

Big shout out to Lan Nguyen, for his help with developing the application, and to Alex Preston and Trevor Hunter for their guidance during the architecture and design phase.

And while everyone inside Infusion knows that Kurt Guenther is the "godfather of Falcon Eye," now you know too.If you have want to learn more about Surface or have questions about how we did it, you can reach Kartik and the team through the alias:


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