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For quite a while now, I’ve been wanting a simple video streaming solution that I could recommend to clients for whom progressive video downloads won’t cut it and who don’t want to pay to use a CDN like Edgecast or UVault or Limelight. Clients who don...
Now, I want to do something a bit more dynamic. How about we call a web service, get some dynamic data back, and render something based on that data? In this post, I will build a simple example in order to clearly illustrate the concepts. But at the end...
Putting a Silverlight viewer on a web page is a lot of work. You have to import the Silverlight.js file (and make sure it's deployed to the web server), create a div to contain the viewer, and write some Javascript code to call Silverlight.createObject...
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Seems I've fallen way behind on my Silverlight blogging as of late. A few weeks ago, I managed to get some simple animation working. So, I guess I should blog about it. Animation is done by transforming your object. Each graphic element has a RenderTransform...
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Today's goal is to display an image and react to a mouse click in some way. I actually started by reading the QuickStart that gets installed along with the Silverlight SDK. You can also find it at
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So I finally set out to do something with Silverlight... I set a simple goal for myself tonight - I just wanted to see "Hello World". That should be easy, right? First, I downloaded the Silverlight 1.0 SDK from
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