July 2015 - Posts

If you are using Office 365 to deploy Office 2016 Preview (Office 365 ProPlus) to your desktop, you may have found that you get hit with multiple prompts to activate the product even though it is already activated.  You can click Cancel on the Activation but it will prompt you again when you open up any other Office product.


@MarioFulan on twitter mentioned that performing an Online Reset corrects this issue.  In Windows 10, you will need to go to the old control panel to launch the repair process (otherwise you’ll just uninstall the product).  Choose Online Repair.


If you haven’t installed Office 365 ProPlus in a while, they have actually updated it for Windows 10.  When applications are available, you can click the Open button to start using them.


When the process is done, you’ll notice some new prompts showing you how to launch Office.  It will also pin many of the Office apps to your taskbar.


Once the process is complete, you shouldn’t be prompted with all of the activation prompts.