A TechEd Guide for SharePoint People

Posted Tuesday, June 5, 2012 11:30 AM by CoreyRoth

It’s true.  I admit it.  I have a sickness.  I am a SharePoint person and proud of it.  I’m attending Microsoft TechEd in Orlando next week (and in Amsterdam at the end of the month) for the first time.  Although I am a noob to this conference, I thought I would share my thoughts on what you can do to maximize your SharePoint experience.  TechEd covers all sorts of Microsoft technologies but there are plenty of SharePoint things to do.

Be sure and check out my TechEd Readiness Checklist as well.

There are over fifty sessions and hands-on-labs about SharePoint being offered.  Take a look at some of these sessions:

If I didn’t list your session, no offense.  I can’t cover them all.  That and I wanted to actually get this post out before the end of the conference.  :)

TechEd has some great opportunities for certification.  If you are looking to get certified, be sure to check out the following session.

There’s a whole heap of Hands-on-Labs (HoL) for SharePoint.  This is a great way to work through a scenario in SharePoint while being able to raise your hand for help.  Here are a few examples (see the link above for the complete list):

Of course there are a lot of other non-SharePoint things you should consider attending as well:

Hopefully this is a good list to get you started.  Is there anything that I missed that should be on here?  Leave a comment and I’ll get it added.  Also keep an eye our for my TechEd Readiness Checklist post as well as a similar post for TechEd Europe.  I look forward to seeing everyone there next week!  Have a good TechEd!


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