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Error: This crawl has been paused by the search system while a new query server is added. After the new query server is online, the crawl will be resumed.

This is kind of a strange error that I sometime receive when trying to startup a crawl in Enterprise Search.  I have only received it on MOSS servers with the Infrastructure Update applied, but it might occur on other versions as well.  The issue is when I try to start a crawl (on a BDC content source for me in this case), I get the following JavaScript alert.


Of course, I know a new query server isn’t currently being added.  Sometimes, you can just try the crawl again and it will work.  Eventually, I noticed that this only seems to occur when other crawls are running.  For example, my main SharePoint sites content source was doing an incremental crawl as shown below.


When that crawl finishes, I can start my crawl without any issues on the other content source.  As a workaround, I have also discovered that I can start the crawl by editing the content source and checking the Start full crawl of this content source checkbox.  Quite the weird issue.  I didn’t see much on Google about it, so I figured I better post something on it.

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Anthony Poole said:

Hi - i had this problem and this is pretty much the only post out there about it! I found that although I hadn't added a new query server any time recently, the propagation of the index file was failing, and this was the cause of the issue. Check propagation settings, fix that and this error should go away.

September 28, 2010 7:20 AM

Rich said:

I had this problem after re-running stsadm on my wfe's to put the propogation locations in a new directory. Alos, on on eo fmy wfe's the Windows Sharepoint Services Administration service was not turned on. After switching that on I was able to get the full crawl to go on one of my content sources by going through the edit screen as you suggested. Thanks!

June 13, 2011 10:00 AM

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