WSS 3.0 Tools, Visual Studio Extensions 1.2 running under Windows Vista

Posted Wednesday, June 4, 2008 5:02 PM by CoreyRoth

Back in February when version 1.1 of the Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint came out, I really complained about the lack of support for Visual Studio 2008 and Windows XP / Vista.  Version 1.2 finally came out so I decided to look and see if operating systems other than Windows Server 2003 are supported and I was surprised to see Windows XP and Windows Vista on the list.  I immediately downloaded it, tried the installer but saw that there was still a requirement to have WSS installed.  Luckily, in the last week or so the guys at Bamboo, posted a utility to allow WSS to be installed on Windows Vista.  I decided to give the utility a try and it worked flawlessly.  I then tried installing the extensions again and everything worked.  The Visual Studio Extensions are nothing all that exciting, but they can be useful from time to time.  I am just glad I was able to get them to install. 

I did notice that Windows Server 2008 was missing from the list so no telling if it will work there or not.

WSS 3.0 Tools, Visual Studio Extensions 1.2


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